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New Web Site

Published on: 18 December, 2015


Welcome to my newly renovated web site that has been adapted to the various contemporary screen formats. Accompanying the redesign are cleaner layouts and larger thumbnails and images. An Archive page has been created so that works in progress and journal pages previously featured on the rotating front page can be directly related to associated works. Also, a recent sketchbook, Book 142, has been added on the Sketchbooks page. I hope to add more examples of complete sketchbooks in the future. While I haven’t written regular entries for my online journal for a number of years – I’ve turned that time over to working on my art – I plan to occasionally add online commentary when special projects seem to invite attention or the occasional show or lecture needs mentioning.

Deepest thanks go to everyone at Variable Action, Inc. who have been responsible for the new web site. Dustin Horning, Managing Director, who has worked on my site for many years, deserves a huge amount of credit for shepherding the complex transfer of images and information and masterminding the new way information is presented. Taylor Weaver, Designer, also did a fantastic job making the site sparkle and the pages shine. I must also give a deep bow of thanks to Randy Apuzzo of Zesty, who long ago launched my web site on this trajectory had the vision to make sure it was on a viable course for the future. Thanks too to Gerry Widmer of Zesty for his assistance.

It is my hope that this renovation creates an improved forum for viewing my work and my artistic process. My recent preoccupations include a broadening of my palette. The sketchbook page featured above is a page from the recently uploaded Book 142. It diagrams the core 24 colors I have been working with in my drawings. I’ve also been adding slight amounts of Gum Arabic to my watercolors to give a bit more transparency and slow down the flow in washes. I hope to explore some of my findings in an online journal entry ahead.

Of course, my long-time surroundings remain the subject of my art and continue to absorb my attention.

Also please note, we’ve reinstated the art@charlesritchie.com email address. A technical glitch disabled that email for a while and I shifted to ritchieart@comcast.net. Now both work fine.

I hope you enjoy the new site.

Charles Ritchie
December 2015

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